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Mikail Arslan, France

« J'ai reçu ma carte avec une grande joie. Le travail fournie est juste géant, elle nous tient au courant tout au long de son travail de manière régulière avec des photos et c'est impressionnant de voir la progression :o elle est très à l'écoute de ce que l'on souhaite et le résultat obtenu est juste magnifique pour ma Estrid. Encore merci :D»

Sebastian Schaupp, UK

« Hi to everyone looking for a great alter for your favourite card, you have come to the right place. I had a fixed idea in my mind of the alter I wanted but no idea how to realize it. They were able to exactly realize my idea and it even turned out better than I expected. Working with Captain Magic was a great pleasure and I can only recommend it for anybody who is looking for high quality and fast alter. »

Colin Brohan, Irland

« To anyone who is on this page and wonder about commissioning an alter or purchasing one, Captain Magic Is one of the nicest people I have spoken to and an absolute pleasure all the way along the commission I got done. They are open, honest and I am still stunned by the quality of the art that was made. Please consider them for any commissions, because speaking to them alone was enough to make me a returning customer. They are a great artist and an amazing person!»
« I bought an extremely beautiful Azami, Lady of Scrolls that I had no intention for just because the artwork I saw on a sales post. It turns out it was even better in person so I built a deck just to show off the beauty to my play group. 100% would recommend and will be using again for a deck I am currently working in the near future. Thanks again for such a beautiful card!»

Customer reviews

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